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Casino cash: $5860 this one dont involve me..its one I heard over a cup offf coffee............

Million Mile Max was was climbing up the east side of "Rodgers Pass"..(in BC canada,,on the Trans Canada highway)with his new rookie/trainee Nervious Ned.
This pass is (I've been here folks!!!!) a mighty steep up hill grade for many miles,and the further up they go the worse the weather gets.,ANYWAY,,,,their climbing away,,,and about 3/4 the way up,is when they SHOULD have stopped and put tire chains on the drives of the Tractor for traction.....
Well the ole' Truck with her load of steal "wipes her feet" (trucker slang for "starts to spin") on an icy section.And of cource by now you can hear the snow flakes falling on the hood cuz it's snowing so hard outside,and ole' Max is attempting to chew through the ice to hold er' on the hill and its about as usles as a diaper on a buffalo.
The rig starts sliding backwards,Max lets er' go,and Nervious Ned go's ballastic.While the truck and trailer are going backwards down the mountain,Max ever so gently steers the trailer into the shoulder snow bank,where it fetches up!
NOW THE STORY REALLY GETS GOOD!!....he wips er' around,catches a gear,and startes back down the hill to a flat spot to chain up,,,then clears the mountain on the second try.So much for gods gift to truck driving!
Rumer has it when Max hit the bottem he took the grey hound home,and today is driving a delivery van for Eatons!,,,Acording to Ned,Max lost it and should be put away,Acording to Max,,,its a story that ....."you aint gonna believe this,but I swear it's true"!!!
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