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Ok...back in 90' I went "up on the ice " for the first time,,,,(Driving the ice feilds of the Yukon,and North West Territories).And man was I green as to the "ways of the old guy's"......

This one day,i'm siting in a base camp when the boss come out and says I need a crew to do me a favore....(years later I now know,,you fake a ruptured apendix befor you do a camp boss a favor!)
It seemed that there was an old shed that neede moved up the ice a few miles.Now this camp boss had sort of taken it over from the last "crew" that was ther storing old tires and what have you in it.
So the plan was,,,with a pole and winch truck to lift it,,,put a set of portable axles under it,,,and drag it across the ice roads to it new home.
As we start to unload all the junk from insie we discover to our UTTER delight a half empty jug of clearliquid.Now these guys i'm with have been around,and it took all of a 3rd and inches fast audibal to determine it was moonshine!!Hell they even identified the the brand!
A snif and a finger lick conviences "Zoro" that it was Walter what's hisnames,while "Chips" is sure its Steve Simplysmashing's" brew.
The jug gets passed aroundand my little snort BARLY stays down,I didnt get sick or anything but my body just didnt need to feel "jet fuel " in it at 9am.
A half hr later these guys are stewed!!
Lets just drag er' cross the ice on er' skids " is "Zoro's" idea. "I mean the ice road is ICE and it'll slide right?"...Who am I to not trust the judjement of a 25yr vetran of the ice feilds????
So here we go...2 guys with the Jug in the winch trk,,,and me with "Zoro" following behind in the co.pickup.
Well th ole' shack slid mighty fine the first few miles,and them two nuts "Chip's",and "Lester" are flying along lie they actually DID put a set of wheels under that shack.
BUt when we arrived at a paved section of road we had to follow for a mile or so...they forgot about the lack of wheels......

Well they took the turn onto the DRY road like a rocket on rails nearly sending the shack into the ditch on the far side.And peices of the sjkids the shack sat onwere flying out like the skin off of a peeled banana.

Now to this day I really dont know weither it was somthing IN the shed,,or the skids that cought fire,,,but by the time we got 2 miles up the road it was burning quite well and fine by it's self!
So now with "Zoro" passed oput beside me,,,and the other 2 a mess,,,,,,somone has to call the boss right?Was I scared?....Do rubber bots make yer feet smelll?? DAMN right I was
When the boss got there he just looked at me and said take the co.truck back to the for Zoro,Chip,and Lester....well the a$$ rippen them 3 got just aint printable!!
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