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Originally Posted by HemiEd
Ok, I have read every post in this thread, at least once.
So to review: Moooo says he won't take advantage of a woman on an internet message board. Luv says they are very close to each other geographically, and likes Grape gatorade.
So the way I read it, a Grape gatorade would give him an opportunity to meet this Luv person face to face. He had an invitation, and an erection.
Moooo walks in with a Grape gatorade and said what he needed to say and left out what he needed to, in order to accomplish the mission.
Luv assumes he was just beamed down from another planet and had no attachments, damn Moooo for not volunteering that information.
Did I miss something?
You pretty much got it. I guess when you get drunk and go online you should ask for references before practically begging someone repeatedly to come over to your house at 3:00 AM with gatorade. Kinda helps weed out the not "real men".
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