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Originally Posted by morphius
I think if I was to build a BB from scratch I wouldn't even allow the damn things. I have had mine turned off forever, and only turn them on when someone complains about one. Everything is so much more readable without them.

Hell, if I could get away with it I would turn them off in the upgraded BB, but there are too many people that would whine about not being able to show off their internet porn skillz and the the like and there would be some great big deal about us limiting users freedom of speech, and blah, blah, blah.
I think it's tacky at times with the overloaded signatures. My system is not top of the line and some sigs really slow it down (very annoying). Mine is a simple qoute from Joe, not over the top.

As far as the upgrade for the boards, I think that is great! So many of you out there working your own time debugging code. Thank you Mod's for keeping the boards running. If the Mods of these board want to change the over use of all the pictures and videos I say go for it.

What are we all here for anyway? We're here to contact each other through our text, isn't that the point of the Chief's Planet? An outlet to Cheer on the Chiefs with all my fellow fans!

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