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Originally Posted by luv
How I Spent My Weekend
by luv

Friday night - got off of work early. Went home to find out my power was out. Go to dad's. Post as normal. Sleep on couch.

Saturday - Go about my day as usual. Watch the start of the Ravens/Colts game (which I started the game thread for, btw...yes, a girl). Third quarter of that game, dad's power goes out. Spend another night on the couch, only a little colder.

Sunday - After very little sleep, go with dad to Lowe's and Home Depot. Found a disaster relief selling overpriced generators. Spend over 2 hours in line at the gas station to get gas for said generator. Sunday was spent on the couch, only a little warmer than Saturday night.

Monday - Go with dad to run more errands, including setting up a generator at a friend's house. No work, because work didn't have power. Spend yet another night on the stupid couch.

Tuesday - Find out I do get to go to work. Find out that my power is back on at my apartment!!! Find out that I have to work Saturday night, but couldn't really care less. I get to sleep in a nice warm bed tonight and do laundry tomorrow!!!!
glad you got your power turned back on.
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