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Originally Posted by KCTitus
I dont think this last episode really told us anything. Some small back history on Juliette, but aside from the fact that she staged the 'being left behind' to get to the beach was the only thing new that was revealed.

We already knew about the submarine, the link to the outside, etc...we even knew that the others were keenly interested in babies, mothers and children.

Im trying to figure out, besides that, what the 'big' answers that were revealed...nothing much.
Here is what I think I learned:
1. She and Ben staged being left behind.
2. The others thought ahead to rig Claire up in case they needed her to get sick.
3. You got an answer to the fertility issue - women who conceive on the island die.
4. The "others" have (or believe they have) the cure to cancer.
5. Ben apparently likes to misinform but doesn't "lie". It appears that he kept his word to Juliette about her sister (Calamity Jane).
6. Ben wasn't romantically linked to Juliette, it was the other guy.
7. All of the others know not only the backstory on the lostees, but they know intricate details (like Sawyer shooting a man in cold blood less than 24 hours before the flight home).
8. Jack confirmed the submarine blew up. There were a lot of conspiracies that Locke didn't blow it up, he just moved it.
9. Jack is a complete and utter idiot and Sayid needs to beat him with a large stick.
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