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Apathy of oil companies greed isn't just part of the problem. It is the problem.

Would people be up in arms if bread had risen to $6.50 a loaf since late 2001? Would people be up in arms is milk was up to $8 a gallon since 2001? Would people be up in arms if a steak from the grocery store cost $15 a pound since the last mad cow scare? WOuld people be up in arms if chicken would have raised to $12 per pound because of the avian virus?

Simply put, oil companies take advantage of us cause they can. I don't care about if their profit margin falls with the % of other services. They make billions in record profits. Yet somehow fail to find a way to pass some savings to the already strained consumer, who BTW puts those billions in record profits in their pockets. I'm more concerned with the single mother or low income family who may have to decide in paying their rent or putting gas in their car to get to work and food on their table for their children. Oil exec's on their apologist's excuses on their blatant price gouging don't cut it with me anymore.
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