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Gasoline is produced based on supply and demand. That is a cornerstone of American business. In this case there seems to be some collusion with the major oil refineries across the country.

Another situation I feel is pertinent is the fact that we have not built a new refinery in the U.S. for almost 30 years. Either the regulations need to be reviewed to find out which of them needs to be revised or eliminated. Every refinery I've ever been around has hazardous waste and byproducts. There are safe ways to destroy both, but it seems like they are the hanging point when the topic of new facilities arise.

The closest I've heard of a new refinery is one that has been proposed near Cushing, OK.

I have one real question. Why is it that when the price of a barrel of crude oil goes up the price of gas at the pump immediately goes up and when the price of barrel of crude goes down it takes weeks for the price impact to "trickle" down to the consumer.

What makes the whole situation untenable for me is the fact that the major oil companies last year made billions of dollars of profit above their projections. They estimated their profits and exceeded them by as much as 60%.
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