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Some times we get laughed at from somthing we do,say,or had happen to us.Here's one that happened to me and as humilliating as this is I SWEAR IT'S THE TRUTH....

On winters night i'm sleeping in a rest area in ILL.I wake up having to pee really bad.Looking quickly for a gator aid bottle or what ever else (gross I know but hey,it works when the can is a 1/4 mile away and your on the off ramp leading out of the rest area)
Not finding one,I know its only a matter of time befor I have a puddle in the trk if I dont do somthing quick....Being partially hidden by the trees,I open the pasangers door,and sort of kneel on the seat with one leg out on the running board and do my thing.well,while in the process begin freezing my foot,I start to lose my ballance so I step out fully on the running board,and shimmy a bit from te frozen aluminum running bords against my bear feet,just about the time a big ole gust of wind comes wipping down the side of my trk and trailer toward me....shivering like a fool,I really lose my ballance just about the same time the said gust of wind hits the door and sends me bare a$$ naked falling into a snow bank...........STOP LAUGHING IT GETS BETTER

Now here I am ,trying not to freeze to death and another gust of wind swings my door back the other way......Let me stop at this point to bring to your attention that the doors of a Freightliner dont UN-LOCK just because you open them from the inside.....back to the story.........

As I scramble for the door,I slip and said door closes,,,me out side,,,naked in a snow bank,with the door keys resting snuggly in my pants pocket ON THE FLOOR BY MY BED!!
Now I figure in about 4 min i'm gonna freeze to death out here,I I start holding on to the mirror arm,hanging off t cab of the truck like a feeble attempt at playing tarzan, and begin kicking the small vent glass window in the passangers door on the bottem.....about this time 1 big mother of an ILL state trooper is walking up behind said "naked white boy trying to break into said truck"
When He hollered freeze I fell into the snow bank a second time,and as I got up doing quite an amazing version of the funky chicken trying to stay warm I said sir,,,"just shoot me now will ya"
He says...I'm gonna pop that door with a slim jim...and god help ya if there aint a picture id with you on it in there!!!!

And you thought you were having a bad day
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