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Originally Posted by SonicFan
Wishing that makes you far worse than those of us who are merely making foot puns.

Your opinion bub..... And your yelling into the wind.. Was what I said uncalled for? Maybe... but...Making fun of another persons misfortune of this magnitude is distasteful and uncalled for...any civilized person would know better....You would have a better arguement if you were saying im just as bad as the peeps that are having fun with this poor girls misfortune as you are...(however I wasnt the one who started it I think its some what justified)I unlike many here in this very thread can think for myself...i didnt get off to torturing small animals when i was young either...still dont...I dont take pride and neither do i get off to making "funnys" about some girl getting both of her feet sawed off. Now how does that sound? Ya god dammed inbred hicks!
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