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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff
That's right .... you're right.

I just don't remember closure with that other agent - just the sex and poof! She was gone.
After Medellin fell through on Yom Kippur, Vince met her in a restaurant and accused her of not doing her job because she either A) didn't want ARI to get credit or B) didn't want Vince to leave for 6 months....

She stated that he wasn't really "over" ARI yet and informed him that the deal fell through because the kid, Rubenstein, had gone back to the studio head's temple and caused another scene, so the plug was pulled. It had nothing to do with her actions. Vince said something like, "Wow, I feel like such a jerk. Where do we go now?". And she said something like, "We get on with our lives."

She got up and wiggled her fine ass of the screen... I'm surprised you don't remember that.....
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