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Originally Posted by DaneMcCloud
Disagree, disagree, disagree.
That's fine ... I understand where you're coming from.

You realize the show is loosely based on Mark Wahlberg's experiences, right? And the "Harvey" is a reference to ass-hat Miramax chief Harvey Weinstein? Your avatar says "Hollywood," so I assume you know all that. I'm surprised you don't agree that the Lloyd character is being forced too much ... that was the easy observation for me.

And keeping Vince the rich and working character, with Johnny less-talented and scavenging, is not exactly "going nowhere" with the characters. The great majority of characters in sitcoms never change jobs or financial conditions - of course hour-long dramas are different. I just happened to find it a bit jarring when Johnny is giving Vince a place to live.

And I lived in BH for 9 years - the little corner of it there on Hamilton Drive. There's no such thing as an annexation going on between those cities. Funny episode, though ... Tobolowsky is money as a character actor.

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