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Here's a driver mistake that just kill's me when I think about it....
Back a few years ago I was leased to an outfit which used to send me out to western Canada quite often.
We had hired a new driver and he had made one sucessfull trip from Edmonton to Vancouver,branch to branch both ways and it went well.
His second trip was to take him to a smelter plant in "Trail British Columbia" Later the second afternoon the driver makes a call to dispatch and ask's if he knows how to find the plant.
I was in the office and the exchange I heard on the speaker phone went somtbhing like this. see any smoke stacks?
driver...........ah no,,,no stacks.
Dispatch:...thats funny,,,you can see them from anywhere in the town.Which side of town are ya on?
driver:........the east side
Dispatch.....Are you sure?..from there you should be almost on top of the plant.What can you see?
driver:.........ahhhh the Port Mann scale i'm calling you from.
Dispatcher" Oh jim dandy! Your almost to VANCOUVER!!! you only missed Trail by 200miles.Look at your paper work.

A few seconds of silence and then..........

driver...: oh yeahhhhh Hehehe,,,guess i'll head back and call ya in the morning.

Ok...why does this crack me up?.....
Here's order for the driver to have gotten to the Port MAnn scale to call he would have had to made a left turn right in front of the COMINCO SMELTER PLANT he had left 200 miles behind him!!!!
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