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Originally Posted by patteeu
I disagree with the ad and there's really no defending it, IMO.

I would agree with you if I hadn't already witnessed the politicization of the Justice Department. Not to mention watching General Colin Powell dishonor himself the way he did in favor of the Bush regime. I wish that I could fully trust that Petraus wasn't being a politician. I'll give him the benefit of a doubt that he's sincere, but it doesn't help that he's sending mixed messages on whether we need to draw down troops soon or not. On one hand, he seems to say yes, we can start drawing down troops by January. I have to wonder if he's saying that for political reasons. Then on the other hand, he says that pulling troops would destabilize the region and cost us any supposed gains we've made (that they haven't really substantiated even exists).

The ad to me seems like a legitimate expression of doubt based on the history of this admin.
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