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Originally Posted by Chief Henry
So you think they're affiliated, too? Can you show where the Democratic Party (i.e. the DNC or party officials) is bankrolling or sponsoring the organization, or calling its shots? There is a difference between an organization being comprised of people (only some of whom are Democrats) whose agenda on certain issues (the war in Iraq, for instance) coincides with that of the Democratic party and thus throws its support behind the Democratic party at times to further that agenda, and being an actual affiliate of the party. Contrast that with the ironically-named Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, which did have officials (not just registered members, but party officials) from the Republican Party funding some of its operations. By contrast,, as radical and nonsensical as they may be, is not similarly funded or sponsored by the DNC.

And the point stands, the more attention you people give them, the more publicity you give them, the more legitimacy you give them. You can bet that when some members of Congress decided to make a stink about it, there were quite a few people who viewed the ad as a result who probably would not have seen it otherwise. I'm sure that some of those probably agreed with it, so you can very like thank those members of Congress, bloggers and the like for increasing MoveOn's readership and support. It reminds me of when a major supermarket chain back in the 80s hired picketers to protest their own store, because they draw attention and people would go in out of curiosity and end up buying things. Sometimes ignoring things is better than giving them publicity.
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