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Originally Posted by FringeNC
Yeah, right. "Circus" offense comments, publicly calling out Solari after one preseason game last year for a turnover, firing Shea and replacing him with his snitch Dick Curl, etc.
And that's only what we know about. I'm sure there's more. The offense hasn't been the same since that fateful preseason game and subsequent "calling out" 2 off seasons ago. I know we lost alot of talent, but hardly any attempt was made to replace lost talent with players who had similar talent to keep the "system" going. I'm pretty sure that Herm didn't want the offense he has now, but I'm equally sure that he didn't want what we already had in place when he arrived. I never understood that because the fact is that offense not only scored points, it also controlled the clock. I wonder if Solari was forced on Herm by Carl and this is Herm's way of showing Carl that it just won't work now? Anyway, I have ZERO confidence that Herm will hire a good OC, especially since he's only done it once before, in Mike Heimerdinger, and that he was in New York for Herm's last season, the one in which the Jets finished 4-12 & he quit on his team during the season.
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