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Originally Posted by RedBull
People get it through your skulls, it don't matter who we have as OC, as long as Herm is here our offense is always gonna suck!!

That's the bottomline. Please, don't set yourself up for disappointment.

And the blame on Solari needs to stop. I honestly feel bad for the guy. I think he could be a good OC if he had a coach that is capable of helping him and guiding him well. Because we all know that happened to Saunders when vermeil was here. Solari is no different than a goat? He is just following what the guys in front of him want him to do.

Solari is a good coach. I truly believe that. He may not be suited to be an OC? But if he has good coaches around him, he excels. I honestly thought he was one of the best OL coach in the league when we had DV here.

The offense is going to suck cause of Herm. You guys all know that? C'mon man? Look at the talent he had in NY? Coles, Moss, Pennington, Martin, L. Jordan, Chrebet...He even had a talented line..McKenzie, Mawae, Fabini...Changed co-ordinators 3 times...But offense always ranked at the bottom of the league.

It's Herm, it's all him. He handcuffs offenses. And then when you hear, "whoa, 21 points! That's a lot of points! arena ball!" well, it goes to show, he doesn't want to score 30 points a game...He wants to win games 13-10.

Mindset, attitude of the coach is the MAIN reason why this offense will suck as long as he is here. It doesn't matter who we have. Save yourself the worry, and disappointment.
Pretty much nailed it.
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