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Originally Posted by Cochise
So a crook breaks in a couple days before, sees that NFL player owns some pretty nice stuff, but he can't carry the plasma TVs out by himself. He comes back a couple of days later with some buddies to carry off the loot. They cut the phone line to keep any kind of alarm system from going off.

But that doesn't explain why they would break down the door, not knowing if this guy had guns in his room or what. You'd think if they realized he was home, they would run off or try to do it quietly. And robbery definitely doesn't explain why the solo guy didn't take anything. You'd think he could find something he could carry himself that he'd take while he was there. Jewelry, something.

Or maybe they stole his guns on the previous breakin, wanted to check out the room and case the place if they were going to come back and get him later.

But all the loud noises seem to mean they weren't trying to be quiet. Maybe they thought no one was home, then somehow they figured out he was home, figured he was going to come out of his bedroom with an AK, and so they were going to get him first. It's dark, the guy fires and he drops (not knowing he just caught the leg), and they all run off.

I don't know why you would break down the door, not knowing what you were going to find on the other side, instead of just running.

And if you were going to kill someone, why not just send one guy? Why have accomplices there to roll over on you later or something? None of this really makes sense.

The most plausible thing seems to be a mix of robbery, people who had it in for him anyway, and bad guys who aren't too smart...? We probably aren't dealing with a bunch of rhodes scholars here breaking into houses and shooting people.

How would they realize he was in there? It doesnt sound like a burglary to me, if it was they would have just run away. Maybe they kicked it in thinking it was locked from the outside only to find a hard hitting safety wielding a machete, fired two shots and ran.
In any event these were absolute nitwits. They went from burglary charges and a relative slap on the wrist to their lives are absolutely over now.
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