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Originally Posted by Cochise
There are plenty of other cities where soccer teams are doing well in their own soccer-specific venues. I don't see why ours couldn't do the same. Even if you don't like the sport, don't go, but having a successful franchise operating in your city is a good thing.

And the game is entertaining to watch. You're a d-nozzle IMO if you choose not to like something because you're afraid someone is going to call you a p#ssy for it. If you don't like it, fine. I realize it's not a fast food sport where you get a score and 5 commercials every 5 minutes.
I've been to a Wizards game - took all 3 of my daughters. I was moderately entertained but not enough to spend money to watch. Thankfully the tickets were free. I somewhat understand the draw of larger sports and why they qualify for tax breaks but what is for all intents and purposes a fledgling league shouldn't be able to bend our city over backwards for a stadium. That's ridiculous. How many soccer leagues have flopped in this country? I'm totally against any plan that gives soccer a free pass to tax benefits at this juncture.
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