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Originally Posted by Phobia
I've been to a Wizards game - took all 3 of my daughters. I was moderately entertained but not enough to spend money to watch. Thankfully the tickets were free. I somewhat understand the draw of larger sports and why they qualify for tax breaks but what is for all intents and purposes a fledgling league shouldn't be able to bend our city over backwards for a stadium. That's ridiculous. How many soccer leagues have flopped in this country? I'm totally against any plan that gives soccer a free pass to tax benefits at this juncture.
Many soccer leagues have flopped in this country and yet it's still one of the top participated sports as far as youth in the country. Johnson County has one of the highest per capita ratios of players to population in the country. As such, funding a new stadium that will also serve as a marquee for top tournaments and exhibitions is a good idea. It likely will never be as popular as the NFL in the US. Likely won't be as popular as baseball either.

The popularity level could change as the US becomes a dominant force in the sport on a worldwide level. It's taken a long time for us to become serious players on the highest levels but we are there and getting better. As a previous poster said, the problem with US soccer is that is so much slower and, simultaneously, less finesse than the worldwide soccer powerhouses. As US players improve that will change as well.

I think the key to making soccer huge in this country is to NOT rely solely on foreign imports who are on the downsides of their career to be the ambassador and face of the sport here. See the Beckham debacle. Rather, its to continue to grow and develop OUR OWN PLAYERS and win a WC or two. It will only be then that we can judge whether or not soccer will be successful as a draw in this country.

If after the US has won a couple of world titles they still can't sell the sport then it likely will not ever be sold. But until we have that accomplishment under our belt we are just guessing what it's impact might or might not be.
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