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Originally Posted by KC Kings
This is one case where there is a chance for it to be different. If they leave some fields as open fields on the weekends, they have the potential to tap into a HUGE Saturday night/all day Sunday Latino market. Every weekend at Blue River Park in the Grandview Triangle there are thousands of Mexicans/Latinos playing soccer. And when I say thousands, I am not exagerating. They are all hungry and all thirsty, and the only businesses around to cater to them are a couple of chromed out trailers selling homemade tamales. If they can tap into the Latino market and setup lighted night games and Sunday games it could really work out to bring business to the area.

Of course I am not sure Mexicans improve an areas "Hill" placement much more than blacks do, so it might not do anything for it's "down hill" status. I am wondering how long we have until the new Walmart on the Blue Ridge Mall site becomes "dangerous". All of the busline criminals and lower income blacks that made the hypermart dangerous are now shopping at the Blue Ridge Walmart, but I haven't heard it officially declared as unsafe yet.

There is zero chance of that.. They already said that the fields would be used to bring in teams for tournaments outside of the area.. And most local teams would never get the chance to play there.. They certainly would not allow the games that go on by Grandview there(been there once with some of my indoor teammates)..

The fields are strictly there to make the owners rich.. Those people could give a rats ass about the local kids playing soccer, They just wanted to community to support them so they could get the thing built and the TIF so it was cheaper for them to do it..

Guarantee most of those businesses will go belly up in five years or less in that new district..

They want to tap that area, then just build the stadium, hotel for games/tourneys, 1-2 restaurants, 3-5 bars/nightclubs..

What I would do though is scrap the shopping district they want to build, build the stadium, massive soccer complex, hotel, 2 restaurants/bar types..

And then mostly for the locals build one indoor soccer(ala the soccerdome,soccer usa) build multiple courts of indoor/outdoor volleyball, basketball courts... Could use some weekends for tournaments, but mainly needs to be built and supported by locals which it would since there is no real big outdoor volleyball complex in kc outside of kansas...
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