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What did everyone think of "Smokin' Aces"?

Let's get this straight right off the bat - this is not a cinematic masterpiece that will be discussed and dissected for it's contribution to theater. It's a shoot-em-up, gangster based flick in the vein of "Snatch" and "Reservoir Dogs" that is face paced with enough plot twists so it manages to avoid the 'leave your brain at home' category.

I loved it, gave it 5/5 stars in my Netflix rating and couldn't have been more entertained. Bought the movie the next day.

Based on what I've read in reviews it's a "love it or hate it" type film, which I can understand.

There are no heroes each and every character is out for themselves with no regard for morals when it comes to achieving their goal. It's bloody, graphic and hedonistic. If you like a traditional storyline *I hate 'em* this isn't gonna cut the jib.

- a great 90 minutes of entertainment if you as me.
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