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wait a minute

As Joe Phillips' sister, I would like to make a few statements.

Cindy Ream-Phillips saw my brother less than a month ago in a Florida court. Real Sports was well-aware of this fact, filming this court date as well as one in the fall. In fact, the litigation has been ongoing between Joe and Cindy, and they have, either in-person or through representation, been in the same room numerous times over the past six years: three times since September alone.

Cindy left their marriage a wealthy woman; she took at least 1/2 the marital assets. She also defied a court order and took sole control of the children's substantial trust accounts.

During the divorce and for at least a year after, Joe submitted willingly to random testing. He never tested positive for anything.

Joe is living on disability from the NFL. He has been consistently re-evaulated and the result is the same: The damage to his body is among the worst the physicians have seen. He is in constant pain.

While Joe is behind in child support, that only occurred when he ceased to be updated as to the children's trust accounts.

In addition, child support should have been adjusted long ago due to Joe's disability, Cindy's income, and Ashley's majority. However, Cindy continues to insist on the original amount, which insures that Joe will be forever behind in payments.

Cindy's statements of abuse are unsubstantiated and they were not deemed valid in the original divorce decree.

Joe did not abandon his children; he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in court fees and visitation costs. He did not abandon Cindy;
If a person is unhappy in a marriage, they have the right to leave.

It is not hard to imagine how the pain, the lies, and most of all the lack of contact with a person's children might drive him to despair. My brother is not perfect, but he is not what Cindy alleges.

There is much more to this, but I assume this is enough.
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