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I ask myself this question every day. Let me start by saying the guy was out of line. If a minister wouldn't take a job because the lawn across the street looked nappy then he isn't qualified to be a minister. Does he spit on the homeless if they come into the church unbathed? Anyway, I am fortunate enough (not) to be the Secretary-Treasurer of the Homeowners Association in my neighborhood and I get to do that type of **** every day. In my position, if your yard was bad (and it would have to be pretty bad) and you refused to mow it, then I get to hire someone to mow it for you. Then I get to send you a bill. Then if you don't pay I get to charge you interest and penalty fees. Then, if the amount gets high enough, I get to place a lein on your house. Needless to say, no one wants to be my neighbor. Little do these people know that I am the best person to live next to because I see how petty most of the complaints are. I don't care if you leave your landscaping lights on all night or if you have late, somewhat loud, parties on the weekends. If I complain, I just give myself more work. Just don't let your dog crap in my yard and I'll keep to myself except for sharing a beer with you on a nice summer evening in the back yard. Some things are not worth thinking about. If you find a used mower - great, mow the yard. If you don't, don't. The thought you have to put into not mowing just to prove a point is a waste of your time. Plus, the longer you wait, the harder it is to mow!
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