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They must do it different in Tejas.

I don't know why your yard would keep a preacher from coming to a church.....Its actually a new concept to a Catholic, they don't have a choice.

I don't think they had the right to ask you to cut your grass because of that. If it were a problem, I know that one of our guys would have just done it, or as suggested, had the youth group you out.

or at least loan you a mower.

Charity is supposed to be a major part of what "we" do.
I've cut wood for an old lady who couldn't and heated by wood stove only.
worked on Habitat for humanity home remodeling
mowed yards
collected food
donated mon-ay, etc...

I currenly have a couple of neighbor problems with garbage in my yard. One is an old man whose wife is dying. His garage is losing shingles badly and about 5 gallon bucket a week blows into my yard.....I just pick them up and say nothing....he has enough to worry about.

The other is a new "subway" that is pretty close.....After 9 months of picking up subway cups, lids, wrappers, and boxes......Last week I picked up 5 large boxes, several cups etc....I took them back over, put them in the dumpster and mentioned it to the shift manager(kid) politely....The next day....3 more large boxes....Took them back and asked the kid to kindly have his manager remedy the situation...asked for the managers hours, and mentioned that this would be my last polite return..

Next time, I'm piling it up in a box, and dumping it in the lobby during the lunch crowd rush.......They should at least hook me up with a free "Jarrod action figure" or card.
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