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Originally Posted by damaticous View Post
You may be a good rider, but from my understanding it's not a question of IF you are going to crash your bike, but WHEN.

My opinion...go ahead keep speeding, but if you crash your bike into one of my family members and hurt them, or let them see your dieing rotting corpse that will haunt them for the rest of their lives...I would have to sue the shit out of you, your family, your Insurance and anyone else I could think of for all the therapist bills I would have to pay.

If you want to drive that fast fine, but please do it where there is no one else around so you won't hurt anyone but yourself.

If you are in that much of a hurry...wake up earlier.

Thank you,

Damaticous and family.
This this is the dumbest arguement ever. No offense.

BUt i hate the whole "its not a matter of if...but when". You can say the same about driving in a car.

Believe me I take the precautions and I know what I am doing. So some of you need to lay the F off.

Dont hate cause you are too fat to ride or cant afford one.

By the way, the chicks that love it live near Georgia Tech campus. They love bikes down here haha. I am originally from the midwest and chicks loved it up there but the south takes the cake. They cant get enough of my bike.
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