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It's a long story, TJ. Originally, it was a silly feud that was kinda entertaining. Now..... he's crossed way too many lines for my taste. I accidentally left my sig on an email response one time and he's been harassing me via phone ever since. It really pisses the wife off - last night he dropped an F-bomb on her at about 11:30 and even though I have zero respect for him, that's not a line I've broached.

I dunno why Kyle hasn't removed the link. At first it was because they DEMANDED that it be removed - now I guess it's still there so ChiefsPlanet users can count their blessings.

KCJohnny even shunned that site.

Fat Elvis,
Thanks for the interest, but I don't wish to drag anybody into this stupidity. I really have taken the high road throughout the entire ordeal and that will continue. The accusations of misbehaviour are amusing to me. He thinks I'm behind everything negative that should happen to him. He's wrong. There are more JD haters than not and he's just growing the list. The annoying part about VD is there is no honor with him. He lies about everything - even going so far as to accuse me of sexual harassment of a 15 year old girl via telephone (NEVER).

It's too bad that he chooses to wage "war" on I truly am sad about that.
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