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Originally Posted by Sure-Oz View Post
Thor, what are you talking about? i cant remember
Remember the scene in the canyon, where Hulk is getting all frustrated because of the growing storm? Then he looks up and sees something (the camera never pans around to show us what, so he could be seeing a specific object or he could just be looking at the sky in general), then turns around and hurls a boulder up at it? Then later in the bar, the tv news report makes a special note of the surprisingly intense storm that struck the area and interfered with things.

Thor is the Thunder God.

He is also a member of the Avengers. The Thor movie is scheduled for release summer 2010. It'll be the third in the Avengers line of movies, along with Iron Man and Hulk. Ant-Man is also planned for release in 2010 (which will also likely feature the Wasp, the last of the Avengers team [Ultimate Avengers, anyway], other than Captain America, who will be introduced in his own film just before the actual Avengers movie, both slated for 2011).
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