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Originally Posted by Midnight_Douchebag View Post
Haha over 1000 replies wow the obsession is very strong here.

And I have won this thread hands down. NONE of you posted pics of yourselves yet you think you are better looking that I am or something yet there is no proof to back it up haha. I win hands down.

Oh and I cant wait til Thursday night to hang out with the other blonde should be fun.

Once again I win.
Once again you have proven JACK.

Other than the fact that you are an attention whore who likes to take fully clothed pictures with girls, and feels the need to be vindicated by strangers.

WOW. clap, clap. Come back with some real evidence.
Not even a picture of a kiss.

Here in So. Fla. those girls you've shown(standing with you?) are a dime a million.
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