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Originally Posted by Claythan View Post
Something doesn't add up. Why would she sit there and blab for two hours if she wasn't into me? She's already admitted to being extremely shy. I think she can't even bring herself to IM me first. The poor dear.

I'll wait a couple more days and then ask her.
YOU blabbed for 2 hours. She just sat there and typed some short response every now and then.

She's not into you at all. You're essentially having a conversation with yourself, and it's pretty pathetic. Who the heck asks "did you enjoy our chat last night?"

All of your discussion is on practical crap too - her job, her future job, etc. You need to talk about stupid stuff - flirt. For example, last night I was talking to a girl and after we exchanged names we started talking about names. She said my name wasn't creepy but there were some creepy guy names - so I start rattling off names and she rates their creepiness. We get to 'Frank' and she said she had a best friend named Frank and that Frank's are great friends. So that leads to "So, Franks don't get the girls, huh?" "Nope" "I wasn't planning on it, but now I could never name my kid Frank" etc. etc. etc. Just stupid conversation. She doesn't want to spend 2 hours talking about her job
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