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Originally posted by Mark M
Of course, having met the Senator made it even funnier.
That adds to the humor for me as well.

Sorry to hear about your lawn equipment, Bob. I just received a letter in the mail last week form my neighborhood association. They said that if i didn't mow my yard, they would have it done and bill me. Two things that piss me off about the letter...

1. No one on my street is as anal about their lawn as me. I put a lot of time and money into my yard. It isn't my fault that the two houses on each side of mine mow their yard too often and too short. It makes mine look tall, when it is actually the correct length.

2. On the top of the letter it said "FINAL NOTICE". That was the first and only letter they have ever sent me.

I was forced to pull out a copy of the neighborhood rules and regulations. I now have a list of all my neighbor's violations, just in case the association tries to stir up more shit on me.

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