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Originally Posted by Taco John View Post
Good match, as in it was well choreographed?
Kind of, but the vast majority of matches aren't "choreographed" aside from a few spots (that is to say, big moments). That's what's so impressive about great wrestlers; they get a few guidelines and then put together matches through improvisation (backed up by years and years and years and years of painful, painful training).

Long story short? You get it or you don't. We see someone who's really ****ing good at what he does because we grew to appreciate what it is that he does, while you see some guy pretending to hit another guy because you came into it expecting to see some guy pretending to hit another guy. Your perspective isn't wrong, but it's not really one that's conducive to enjoying it.

Also, when something bombs in wrestling, it's usually hilarious and awesome in a very special wrestlecrap kind of way. Except TNA, which is just completely soul-sucking and depressing.

The moral of the story is to never watch TNA. Actually, the moral of any story is to never watch TNA.
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