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Originally Posted by luv View Post
I'm amazed at how much it happens. I got my nephew Wall*E for Christmas. I told his mom that, and she said good, because her boyfriend couldn't get it burned right for some reason. Guess he does it a lot.
When I left KC, one of my fellow employees had a full-on store going.
Netflix > Burn > Sell for 5-bucks.
I'm talking, "here's my list, what do you want, this is coming out, is anybody interested"? And so on and so forth.

Never less than 200 movies on his person at all times.

I'd like to stand on a pedestal and say that piracy is killing the "quality of Hollywood", but we all know that's just a straight-up fantasy. The fact is; digital media is cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaap.
CD's cost shit to make, DVD's cost shit to make, and not only will I NOT cry that Metallica does not get all their due-grip; I will laugh my ass off about it.
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