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It is not dull. It is a movie that can't decide what it wants to be. It's like a comedy/adventure/drama and it is bad at all three. I've about had it with movies that CGI everything to death. This is a movie that is reportedly filmed in australia, but they may as well have filmed it in front of a blue screen. CGI COWS for god's sake. There is more than enough natural beauty in Australia without having to repaint the entire landscape to make it seem more attractive, certainly not to the point of making the Milky Way ridiculously detailed in nighttime shots. The pacing of the movie is not good, the acting was very, very poor, and the entire premise of the movie is just not believable. Highest recommendation to avoid.
That's funny. I saw an interview with Guy Pierce the other day where he essentially said the same thing. I believe his quote was something along the lines of, that movie looks as much like Australia as Los Angeles does.
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