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The DT58HOF epic fail thread

This thread was originally a part of this thread discussing whether Mike Shanahan would be welcomed as coach of the Chiefs. Somewhere along the line, things went awry.
because none of you experts ever played the game of football, Never won any Championships at any level.

Gruden 1 Super Bowl Ring =
his team won the division 5 of 11 years as head coach.

The Rat 3 Total 2 as head coach
Total[3]146980.598 playoffs 85.615


the guys I didn't want

Schwartz is the only one that may have deserved a shot and he will get it in Detroit,lol he was D.C. for 7 years and maybe it's his time.

Mcdaniels and Spagnulo were Cordinators for 2 Years in the NFL and had no other experience at it before this time, hell there is High school coaches more qualified, these 2 are the same as Charlie Weis and Romeo Crenell
They both have proved nothing at all to warrant head coaching jobs in The Pros or College.

alot of you cry about Ferentz, well he is the same guy every NFL teanm wanted a few years ago and he still continues to win at a Big 10 School and do things that none of your precious Big 12 teams have done beat Ohio State,Penn st. and Michigan!!
Hermies not even a pee wee coach!

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I Like Young Boys,You're just mad your not young enough.

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