Thread: U.S. Issues Winds of secession blowing?
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Originally Posted by Adept Havelock View Post
Sure, President Obama is playing Chicken Little over the stimulus package as well.

You should have no problem recognizing it. After all, Chicken Little seems to be your Raison d'Ítre.

Right, so he lied, fearmongered and character assassinated anybody who disagreed with him. And you still lick his greasy *ss.

My Raison d'Ítre? No, it's just a part of your BS narrative.

Let me tell you something Havelock homo, you are easily one of the biggest POS scumbags on the forum. Now quick, log off and log back in with one of your other user ID's so you can say nasty things about my mother.

You f'n POS, if you have nothing to contribute to my thread then keep out of it. Why don't you and that other metrosexual Banyon hang out in your own threads? Nobody is impressed with your fake intellectual act.
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