Thread: U.S. Issues Winds of secession blowing?
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Originally Posted by SHTSPRAYER View Post
Originally Posted by SHTSPRAYER View Post
Originally Posted by Cannibal View Post
As far as I'm concerned let the entire Southeast portion of the country seceed. They'd come crawling back within 3 years though. Their education systems are so dread they would not be able to support themselves.
Where do you think your food comes from you moron? Do you think chickens magically appear in the frozen food aisle? You are such a retard.

Originally Posted by banyon View Post
What a dishonest thread. This Corsi douche is just like SHTSPRAYER, he doesn't know when he's lost. These looney tunes legislative bills (which of course haven't been passed in any state or gotten even close to passing) were alive and well way before people even knew who Obama was.
Blah blah blah

Nothing but ad hominems from the self proclaimed authority of it all. My God, but your parents must have blown alot of smoke up your *ss.

Originally Posted by Reaper16 View Post
This may take the metaphorical cake as far as Shsprayer posts go; it just may be his worst non-thread-starter post yet. From thinking that Adept is an Obama apologist (or even someone who voted for Obama), to the weak homosexuality smack blah blah blah bullshit.
Right, like you and the other moonbats calling Ann Coulter a tranny every other post. You should just shut up at least until you have something with a modicum of integrity to say.

Originally Posted by Adept Havelock View Post
When you extend that courtesy to others, perhaps I'll consider extending it to you.
Oh no, the internet police.

Go snuggle up with your boyfriend, Twinkle Toes, and get the F out of my thread. You jackass.

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Stupid thread.
So why are you in it? Wait, never mind.

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Can they take it with them if they go?

Don't forget half the players in the NFL.

Cannibal is head and tails the biggest retard on the forum. No wonder he kisses up to Bunyon so much.

Originally Posted by Sully View Post
What, that quasi-church you belong to? I didn't want to hurt your feelings, but yeah, it is pretty stupid.

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I thought everyone admitted Jerome Corsi has the journalistic integrity of Nick "Assclown" Athan.
Another ad hominem.

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" 2009 MSNBC "

There ya go...

Now your moonbat brain has been tricked into allowing you to actually read the article.
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