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Originally Posted by beach tribe View Post
You don't know shit about Japan or japanese people, and if you're friend is anything like you, which I'm sure he is, he probably lied. I was only ther for about 8 days by the way, and I was in Ginza. The richest area of Tokyo. All the hot chicks were with guys in Bentleys. You're absolutley right I don't have enough game. Oh, and by the way. The girl in my first pic was my GF of 2 yrs.
You've never touched a girl that hot.

I bet you cried when you typed that haha

But seriously dont be jealous, just cause my boy has tons of game while you didnt get with ANY japanese chicks. He wasnt lying either. Its completely easy to get laid in Japan when you are a caucasian male. You have to be a complete loser like yourself with no game to strike out completely.
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