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Originally Posted by Donger View Post
Historically, demand increases when spring rolls around and crude (and gasoline) rises in unison. I would be surprised if demand doesn't increase. However, I would guess that compared to previous years' increases, this year will be less.
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I don't see gas going down. I'm no economist, but the amount of oil that actually gets made into unleaded fuel isn't as much as you'd think. Fuel I hate to say, with the amount of cars on the road, will always have a certain base level of demand. When oil goes down, its not being based so much on cars driving less (though this is some) as much as other things.

One thing you'll notice is that Diesel has dropped more than unleaded, and are now almost the same price. This, IMO is kinda what I'm talking about. Construction has stopped, and a lot of big machines that use diesel aren't in as high demand as they were.

Oil has many factors that make it drop, Unleaded fuel demand is only one. Even though fuel is staying even, its one of the few aspects that is. Other factors are what's causing the decline.
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