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I have an Australian Blue Healer. He is about 10 years of age now. Getting grumpy too! But still as playful as ever. He doesn't care if he's about to die tired, he will play fetch!

Blue Healers are a very smart, playful, loyal, and protective dog, just like the Red Healers. Will not cuddle with you for more than 3 minutes. Blue Healers hate, and I mean absolutely HATE, their feet being touched. I would recommend them to any one looking for a dog.

I also have a very fat Tabby Cat. She is the official paper wait of the house. She will give up a nice comfortable, soft blanket for papers on the hard-wood floor!

I also have an Australian Cattle dog at my grandfathers house. Very playful, but often not as smart as my Blue Healer. Great breed for cuddling with.
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