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Originally Posted by htismaqe View Post
Good teams generally have coaches who know how to utilize their players strengths, and with Pollard he's never been used that way. On a GOOD team, Pollard might actually start, and he might actually be GOOD. He was every bit the man at Purdue that Bob Sanders was at Iowa. He's not a cover 2 safety, but don't tell the idiots that were running the show that.

You want to talk about guys that don't belong, let's talk about Page.
Bingo. In a rushing defense, the FS has to be your "miracle man" when the pressure and the sack don't bear fruit.

Page barely "flashed" at all in 2008, while Morgan stepped up and played a hell of a game against Denver at Arrowhead. I think Morgan could step again and really shine with the right scheme and coaching.

Why does Krumrie have a job? Seriously? Is his patented "Bitchy Slap Fight Drill" such an Awesome Tool Of The Gods, that he must be retained at all costs?

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