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Originally Posted by pr_capone View Post
When a news article has a misspelled word in the first sentence... I tend to stop reading because I can't take the writer seriously.

If he can't take the time to proof read his article then I don't have the time to read it.
Originally Posted by orange View Post
Mr. Krab's,

LOL at your valiant but vain attempt to make the author appear literate. You'll have to do a lot more editing to get to that point.

"... the traditional 3-4 defense and the 4-3 'even' front, both of what he has tought and coached in the NFL."

CRIPEY. Is this guy actually paid to put words in print?
They are my typos, the website had some kind of copy/paste block so i took the time to re-type the whole thing out for you guys.

Apparently i shouldn't of wasted my time.
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