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Originally Posted by beach tribe View Post
Sorry to bring this thread back up, but I wanted to clarify this.

The draft challenge would be nothing more than you making the pick for the chiefs. It has nothing to do with what the chiefs do. It's who you would pick.
We start a thread on draft day, and while the chiefs are on the clock you make your pick of the available players. It's as simple as that. Then we can see who's picks bust, and who's pick excell. I know that none of the draft gurus will do it though. because they never like to be held to their picks. They like to come back later, and say how dumb the chiefs picks were, but won't make a record of who they would have picked.
This is not what the rules say.

It will be conducted post-draft, and we will have the benefit of knowing the entire draft and who will be available at later selections.

Unfortunate, but more practical than doing it during the draft.
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