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Originally Posted by RustShack View Post
I've felt that way for a pretty long time now and tried talking to her about it many times... she just doesn't understand. I don't get how she was in a two year relationship before me.
Dude I'm 23 and im in the outs with my girl. This is the exact same shit i was dealing with. She would text her x bf's and delete the shit they were saying. Last summer she went to chicago for an internship and was hangin out with the guys she worked with and wouldnt answer my phone or texts when she was with them. She eventually stayed at dudes house and said she just slept in his bed. ha My only advise is that I took her back and the same shit keeps happening with her havin her x over and goin on girls nights and me finding out shes beggin her x to come hang out with them. **** it get out now and don't waste time like i did. It got me no where. No one deserves to be treated like that and she just doesnt give a **** about u if shes doing it. This is from my experience very recently like 2 months ago after a 2 year relationship with this shit happening the whole time. Ditch the bitch!!
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