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Ok, here goes my reviews of the local bars. I don't get out a ton anymore, but I'd guess I've been to about 80% of the bars in town by now. So with that said...

I'll start with the bars in the vicinity of MoWest's campus...

Rear View Bar & Grill: Fairly close to campus, nice little place to enjoy a couple cold ones. Typical bar with typical grill food (wings, ribs, etc). Golden Tee and Silver Strike, although I dont think they are hooked up online.

Hammerhead's: Small bar with a couple pool tables, rock on the jukebox but sometimes the crowd can get a bit shady.

Legend's Bar & Grill: Located at the Belt Bowl, several large screen TVs and a hanful of pool tables. Party deck open during the summer, typically frequented by the college crowd with music catered to the younger crowd.

Tuck's: Also located at the Belt Bowl complex, your typical biker bar. Classic rock on the jukebox with a handful of pool tables.

Volley's: Another bar located at the Belt Bowl complex, a number of volleyball courts with the bar between the courts. Summer leagues dominate the courts, but sometimes the scenery can be nice.

The Tap Room: Also in reasonable distance from campus, however I have not been there since it opened as the Tap Room, but everything I've heard sounds like its a nice place to grab a beer.

Uncle D's Nice little sports bar with several TVs and games on all the time.

Wiley's: As many have already mentioned, your typical frat bar. Usually over-crowded with drunk girls looking for young drunk guys to buy them drinks and pick them up.

Muny Inn: I haven't been there in awhile, but a nice little place to grab a cold one. They used to have a couple nights a week that were $5 all you can drink from the Natty Light kegs, my kind of place.

And then some bars in the downtown area...

Cafe Acoustic: Not really downtown downtown, but as you are getting downtown it is right there. They basically have a stage where people can come in and get up on stage and jam, and then they also sell beer and wine and stuff.

Kelly's Pub: I liked this place the time I went, a little Irish pub and as demon mentioned was very clean.

Hi-Ho: I'm usually in here getting an Irish Car bomb when I'm shooting some pool next door. Nice little pub with some nice selections on tab, TVs and decent jams on the juke box.

Big Shots: Another biker bar with a few pool tables, foosball and shuffle board table.

Norty's: Norty's used to be by Central High before it burned down, then they bought another bar, renovated it and moved their bar in. It's actually a really nice place with some TVs, shuffleboard, pool tables and beer pong table.

Shaft Nightclub Umm, gay bar with drag shows and stuff.

Blondie's: If you want to see some nasty hoes that take their tops off and shake their boobs in your face for a buck, this is your place.
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