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Originally Posted by GoChiefs View Post
Apple juice is retarded. Way to drink extra calories.
Says the fatty who engorged the Chili's triple play the other day.

Originally Posted by JD10367 View Post
I'm trapped in work, and it was free and available.

Usually I don't drink much juice, only some in the morning when taking pills and usually I stick to the 100% "dark fruit" mixes (e.g. pomegranete, blueberry, cranberry). Later in the day I might have some swigs of Low Sodium V8 as well. I've given up on orange juice, by and large, since it's just too sugary-sweet, although sometimes I'll grab a carton of orange or grapefruit. Mostly I drink water, iced tea, lemonade, or some combo thereof ("cutting" the iced tea or lemonade with 50% water, as I find the full-strength stuff too syrupy or sugary).
Drop the lemonade and go with unsweetened iced tea.
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