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Originally Posted by KnowMo2724 View Post

Lombardi breaks down film on every preseason game and he said that Denver was the team that jumps out on him more than any other team.

That was a joke. Not one thing he said in that interview (in regards to Denver) had anything to do with the preseason footage. Not one.

It was all the same conjecture others have said. No examples from the preseason, no in depth analysis of the game footage. Just another fluff piece.

For instance, the comment on McDaniels. McDaniels has shown nothing to this point in the preseason to warrant such praise. It's the same fluff comment others have made about McDaniels in the offseason. There are reasons to think McDaniels may (eventually) be a good head coach, but he's having a very rough preseason. There have been several clock management and situational coaching moments that McDaniels has failed on, and if he's gonna truly be a good head coach, he'll be critical of himself and not try to suck himself off the way KnoBrain does constantly.
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