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Originally Posted by KnowMo2724 View Post
Playoff Teams
1. Pittsburgh, 13-3
2. San Diego, 12-4
3. New England, 12-4
4. Indianapolis, 11-5
5. Baltimore, 12-4 (wild card)
6. Denver, 10-6 (wild card)

Prediction No. VIII: As we all know (or should know), a true sleeper pick can only be a team that: (A) flagrantly sucked last season; and (B) generated little buzz heading into this one. That rules out Houston (too much buzz), Green Bay (ditto), the Jets (9-7 last season) and Bucs (9-7 last season). You have to pick someone from this group: the Bills, Browns, Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs, Lions, Rams, Bengals and Niners. You need the "Nobody believed in us!" factor. You need a team that nailed its April draft and is blessed by a bad division and/or an easy schedule. You need an easy September for momentum. You need a franchise with fans who lost hope and will lose their collective crap if anything good happens. And you need to feel like you want to throw up even as you're anointing the team your sleeper.

My pick? The Broncos. Nobody believes in them because they lost Shanahan (24-24 since 2006) and Cutler (17-20 career record). Was that REALLY a disaster? They hired the architect of New England's record-setting 2007 offense (McDaniels) and traded for a QB with a 21-12 career record as a starter (Kyle Orton). (I know, I'm pushing it with the facts. But those ARE facts.) They crushed the draft: two first-rounders (including running back Knowshon Moreno, who could light it up right away) and five of the top 64 picks. They play in a division with two awful teams (Kansas City and Oakland). They easily could start 4-0 (at Cincy, home for Cleveland, at Oakland, home for Dallas). And the city of Denver has lost all hope. Also, I want to throw up and you are shaking your head right now. In other words, the Broncos fit the bill. Ten and six, I say.

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