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Originally Posted by Calcountry View Post
How can a country that is half full of idiots, who feint at the thought of cutting a chickens throat, win a war with blood thirsty jackles who would send their own children into a public place with a bomb strapped on thier back to further their cause?

It is time to buck up America, before you lose it.
In a way, I agree with the thread.

Certainly it would be disastrous to wave the white flag to Al Queda. But at the same time - it's obvious Our Leader does not have the stomach to do what it takes regardless of political consequences. We should not be in a war when Our Leader does not support the troops completely all the way to win no matter how difficult it may be.

The thing is, there's no political risk here. Dear Leader's fawning press won't beat him up over Afghanistan. There aren't political consequences at risk. That's why he's content to let the situation fester. There's no cost to him right now, there would only be a potential political price to him if he did something to try to win and it didnt work.
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