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Originally Posted by keg in kc View Post
Season 5 started okay, decent episodes but felt a little off somehow. Thursday's was great, though, and the direction they're going towards the end of the series is friggin awesome.
The only thing that's really bugged me about the show of late is that I think last season and the start of this season, they over-played the "let's end the show with a Sam/Dean brother pity party" card.

I am interested in seeing just how far they take the brother-antagonism, though. Having it set up so that Dean is the vessel for the arch-angel and Sam, supposidly, is the vessel for satan does set up some interesting senarios: will they take it to an actual battle between the two, or will the two fight and resist to the end and still come out victorious. (or, I guess the third option: the world ends in a giant fireball...)
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